Parenting counselling

Parents are the role models for their children. They learn first from actions performed by parents  and later on from others.Often questions on parenting remain unanswered, as we take opinion from people who are no different from us. Even research says 99.9% parents don’t have right parenting skills.


Common question generally parents come across are:-

What should I do to make my child responsible?

How should I guide my child to decrease negative behavior?

How should I make my child communicate his or her expectation clearly?

How should I guide my child to increase positive behavior?

How should I communicate my expectation to my child?

A lot of time during exploring for answers to these questions, parents adopt inappropriate ways of teaching which lead to stress between parents and children. We believe, if parents enjoy healthy relationship with their children, majority of above problems will be addressed and resolved automatically and children’s behaviors will be aligned as expected from them.

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